Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Strategies to Weaken the Amhara People in Ethiopia

The two pictures above shows elementary school children attending classes in Waghmra Zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. The people of Waghemra Zone played a pivotal role in overthrowing the military regime through their unparalleled support for TPLF’s rebel fighters (Source: Betty Alemu).

” This is one example of the many schools in Waghmra zone in Amhara region. Most schools don’t have basic school infrastructures like chairs, tables etc let alone other stuffs like access to books or library. In some kebeles, there is no access to elementary school and in most schools, students have to walk 2-3 hours a day to have access to an elementary school let alone high schools access in the zone. I also understand the same situations in other zones of  Amhara region”. Betty Alemu, a social media activist

” Nothing more saddening than this. This is a country where, all of a sudden, some individuals emerge as multi millionaires! How? Simply because they are looting the public budget, and this shown in the picture is just the direct result of that!!!!!!!”.  Belete Molla, a social media activist


“Amhara Region contributes about 40% of  electric power generated in Ethiopia. Yet, schools in the region  do not have access to electricity greatly impacting the learning processes. For instance, according to Dera Woreda Communication Affairs office, students in Anbesame Secondary and Preparatory School have not been able to use the 26 Plasma television to attend televised lessons since 1996 E.C…On the other hand, Tigray region received 197 Million USD for use to provide electric power for the Industrial Park in Mekelle, Tigray Region” Amhara Press

As a result, this will immediately affects students ability to compete with their counterparts across the nation in the National Secondary School Leaving Certificate examination and also later during their university education, if they get the chance to get admitted.

As is well documented in its official manifesto, The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) led government in Ethiopia made it clear early on that weakening the Amhara ethnic group is one of their mission to counteract the ‘dominance’ of Amhara in the various social, economic and political spheres of the country.

To achieve this GRAND PROJECT OF ERADICATING OR WEAKENING THE AMHARA PEOPLE, TPLF has been employing various strategies for the last 27 years. This includes but not limited to the following:

  •  Extremely inadequate or no investment in infrastructure across the Amhara region.                                                                                                           Extremely inadequate or no investment in infrastructure across the Amhara region that is far from meeting the ever-growing demands of over 17 million people, which is  the second largest ethnic population in the country. This includes; almost non-existent investment in the health, education, electricity, road and other much-needed infrastructures, natural resources management, agriculture development and other services. In the contrary, Tigray region gets it all including all the new Industries (pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing…), hospitals, railway, road, schools and Universities with high standard among other things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Theses photo are clear proof for Little or no investment in infrastructure in both urban and rural areas of Amhara region. This forces communities to build and use unsafe bridges from locally available material putting their life and properties in danger.  (Source : Amhara Press)                                                 
  • Inciting ethnic conflict between Amhara people and other ethnic groups.  Inciting ethnic conflict between Amhara people and other ethnic groups like Oromo and Somalis that led to the forced displacement of Amharas from Oromia, SNNPR, Somali and Afar Regions                                                                    .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    The two photos (top) show Mr. Abrham kebede, an ethnic Amhara, who is one of the thousands of victim of recent violence in Jijiga City. Mr. Kebede lived in the area for more than 40 years and he was forcefully evicted from his home having all his properties looted by Ethnic Somalis in a conflict incited by TPLF. The photo (bottm) shows group of Amhara women and family who were evicted forcefully. (Source : Amhara Press)                                             
  • Forcing Amhara from their ancestral lands.                                                   Forcing Amhara from their ancestral lands in the name of promoting urban expansion and foreign investment or better referred as Land Grab. Amhara and Oromo people are primary victims of this practice and their land is ceased with no prior consultation, proper compensation and replacement. These victims are even subjected to harassment and other threats by Kebele officials and their constitutional rights also get compromised in the process. According to a recent study by Policy Research Institute, urbanization is projected to continue at a 30% rate in 2010.  More information is available at:                                                               http://new.ethiopianreporter.com/article/1777
  • Continued Annexation of Amhara land and forcing Amharas to change their identity.                                                                                                                                 When recreating the present states after overthrowing Dergue, TPLF annexed significant areas from Wollo and Gonder Provinces to form the present Tigray State. However, due to the continued aspiration to acquire more lands for use to the formation of the Greater Tigray, TPLF needed to do more with new strategies. This required forcing Amharas to change their identity driven by TPLF’s expansionist agenda to pave the way for their goal of redrawing the historical boundaries in areas adjacent to Tigray region. This was evident earlier in Alamata, Kobo, Korem, Sekota and more recently in Gonder Wolqait areas. More recently, the TPLF regime tried to demarcate selected kebeles from Wolqait woreda’s of Gonder into Tigray region triggering a huge protest in Gonder and other parts of Amhara region.
  • Secret Mass Sterilization of Amhara Women                                                           The TPLF-led regime has been working hard to control the population of Amhara population in a series of undercover operations. This involves making use of the newly trained network of low-skilled health extension workers with no access to basic health facilities. The health extension workers strives to serve the interest of the government than meeting the real health service demands of the rural population across Amhara region. Accordingly,  this agents of TPLF fulfills the wishes of  the government by administering vaccination to or forcing young women in rural Amhara to take birth control that leads to permanent sterilization without their knowledge and consent. for more information;                                                          http://www.mereja.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=58767,                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSlQZEQ-_6Q,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSlQZEQ-_6Qhttp://www.satenaw.com/amharic/archives/22798
  • Systemic extermination of the Amhara population and Torture.                      Systemic extermination of the Amhara population was evident in the unexplained missing of 3 million Amharas as per official census reported to the Ethiopian Parliament. Amhara people are also subjected to inhumane treatment, indefinite incarceration. For Example, Mr. Ariste Alemu (Pictured below- right) used to work as a Health Officer and was tortured by members of the Ethiopian Defense Force due to his involvement with Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ or Andnet). Mr. Abay Zewdu (Pictured below- left), who was one of the executives of UDJ in West Armachiho Woreda, Amhara Region,  is currently serving prison due to his activism exposing TPLF’s abuse.                                                                                                                                                              For more information read:                                                    http://ecadforum.com/2016/08/17/ethiopia-the-untold-plight-of-the-amhara-people/ ,                                                                                          http://ethiomedia.com/101facts/4513
  • Forced migration due to lack of opportunity and fear for life.                    Lack of opportunity and fear for safety and life that forced young Amhara men and women to leave their country out of desperation by crossing borders illegally. This includes those that lost their life from dangerous sea journeys trying to reach Europe and those that fall in the hands of human traffickers in the middle East and African countries.
  • History of Inciting Fear, hate and Violence and now promoting Segregation in Universities                                                                                                     Ethiopian Universities used to be source of decent that led to pivotal protests against governments. Following the failed 2005 election, the TPLF-led government has been working hard and succeeded in turning these universities as grounds to recruit and train their future cadres. However, there has been tension and conflict among students of different ethnicity fueled by poorly designed policies and practices of the regime that encourages division rather than unity. This encouraged students to organize along ethnic lines out of fear and hate for students of other ethnic origin.                                      Due to government inflicted lack of trust and fear among students of different ethnicity, now some students prefer to study in universities located within their own regions. On the other , the government capitalizes on it and undertakes placement of University students in a way that reflects their own goals or hidden agendas. Most of the conflicts in Ethiopian Universities has been between Amhara, Tigrayan and Oromo students. In 2017 placement of University Students, the government assigned 2006 Oromo, 1230 Amhara, and only 12 students from Tigray in Jimma University.  This can be viewed as a strategic move to protect Tigrayan students from potential ethnic violence and while creating a fertile ground to incite dispute between Oromo and Amhara students. These can be an attempt to dismantle the reviving cooperation, brotherhood and unity between Amhara and Oromo people as was evident in the recent protests in Oromia and Amhara Regions.                                                                         
    The chart above shows the 2010 Student placement (By ethnic group) in Jimma University in Oromia Region of Ethiopia. (Source: Amhara Press)


These are just some of the examples not exhaustive list of the crimes committed on Amhara people by the TPLF-led apartheid regime in Ethiopia. Before assuming power, TPLF, a well-known terrorist organization,  has a well documented track record of crimes as per the Global Terrorism Database (http://www.start.umd.edu/gtd/search/Results.aspx?perpetrator=2127). TPLF, under the disguise of EPRDF, has been controlling the political, social and economic spheres of Ethiopia single-handedly. Amhara people have fallen victim of TPLF’s misguided policies and practices and have been specially targeted and subjected to a wide range of abuses and crimes. TPLF has continued its tradition of terrorizing, killing, abducting, corruption, violence, discrimination, coercion,  and other related crimes on Amhara and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. TPLF and its business conglomerates (EFFORT, ) controls key businesses and economy of the country. More information about TPLF’s business empire can be found at http://www.zehabesha.com/is-tplf-leading-the-country-or-expanding-its-bussiness-empire/.  After almost three decades in power, TPLF want to lead in a gorilla-style with little hope for Ethiopians to see democracy, freedom of press and a fair judiciary process in the near future. That is why Professor Alemayehu G.Mariam, through his recent personal letter, called upon Mr.President Trump to put a targeted sanction on the key leaders of TPLF regime (http://almariam.com/2017/10/01/my-letter-to-president-trump-requesting-targeted-sanctions-against-the-tplf-in-ethiopia/).


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